We are the adhocrates!

A vienna based creative duo creating characters, interactive installations and unique designs!

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Here is a list of things we can do for you


Character design, editorial design, interactive illustration and installation …

Graphic Design

From logo to products, there’s a lot we can do! Check our portfolio for samples!


Most clients trust our expertise when it comes to planning a project as we think outside the box.


Our knowledge in boardsports, urban art and eduction fuels big brands!


From artshows to skateboard activities and back, award winning and unexpected!


Screenprinting with a class, doodles with toddlers, incentives for managers? Simply ask!

Do you like what we do? Find out more and contact us!

adhocrates collective/adhocPAD
Kienmayergasse 22, 1140 Wien
Lilo Krebernik: +43 660 5366464
Kathi Macheiner: +43 660 2431007

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